As, was mentioned previously on this page many people do different things in their spare time. For Paul, his first priority is His Family, Stephanie, Laney, & Tyler. Second for Paul is his work with the University Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama. But in his spare time he does not play golf, hunt or fish. What Paul does in his spare time is plan and help other groups create, conduct, and host youth events. This has sort of become a passion for Paul. First and foremost is Ministering to the Awesome Kids at University. But then with his extra time he helps to plan events and even in some cases he will consult other congregations 

on how to begin programs of their own. Paul serves on the Board for SEC and Exposure Youth Camp. And those are two very important and yet very different types of activities. Another great resource Paul has helped to start and continues to work with is an online resource called "Adventures In Ministry." We call it "AIM." Aim is a website hosted to offer Bible class materials and resources for Teens & Adults. AIM also is a Podcast Network that hosts five different Podcasts through each week. The podcasts covers Youth Ministry, Technology News, Preacher resources, Sports, & Biblical discussions. You can find it at