About Paul Spurlin

Paul Spurlin is the Youth Minister at the University Church of Christ in Montgomery, Alabama. Paul and his wife, Stephanie are dedicated to working with the Family of God and encouraging them in their walk for Christ. Paul has been involved in Ministry since 1993. He has been preaching the Gospel of Christ since 1993. He served for 3 years in the United States Navy in the Persian Gulf, he later graduated from Southern Christian University, Paul also has a Masters Degree in Ministry from Faulkner University. His wife, Stephanie, graduated from the University of North Alabama with a nursing degree. They have a daughter Laney who was born on January 7, 2008. They also have a son Tyler born on June 29, 2014. Paul serves on the board for AIMCON and on the board for Exposure Youth Camp which is held in Huntsville, Alabama every December. Paul is also one of the hosts on the weekly "Jon & Paul Radio Show" podcast,  We encourage you to go to AdventuresInMinistry.com or  iTunes and check it out. Paul loves to lead singing, preach, and teach God’s Word. We hope you will enjoy visiting Paul’s website.